Welcome to bingo nights at finnegans in this video we are going to explain a few the basic things you need to know about playing bingo. As you come into our spacious and well maintained Hall look to your left and you’ll find the admissions kiosk which is located against the wall. At the admissions kiosk you can buy your admissions packet, your second books, third books, forty and fifty dollar electronic devices and more so let’s see what all this means. The admissions packet is the starting point.

Everyone who pays their admission will receive at least one of these packs. Each packet contains 15 sheets of paper. A single game is played on its own sheet paper when you’re finished with one game you tear off the top sheet and move to the next. If you look at a sheet you’ll see that there are nine bingo cards otherwise known as faces on each sheet, So that means for every game your playing at least nine faces. Many experienced players will buy additional packets giving them a chance to play eighteen or twenty seven faces during a game if you wanna play even more than 27 see our video about electronic machines We accept cash our credit cards for payment.

Now we have a lot of different and exciting games so you need a pickup program see what games are being played tonight here you see a typical program for BingoKnights. Each game has a name a color and a set payout. If you don’t recognize the game by its name look down at the bottom of the sheet and the patterns are shown for many other games. Did you notice there are 17 games listed here not fifteen that’s because we are also playing two progressive games on this program watch our video about progressive games to learn more about these. Now notice games 4, 7.9 13 and 17 those are special games and they pay out more than the other games if you want a better your odds of winning the Special games you can buy sheet with three faces for 50 cents each from our floor workers if you wanna extra sheet for all five games then buy mini pack at the admissions booth.

Okay now we have paid her admission got our papers or machines what’s next? Well if you don’t have an ink dauber you may get one of those at the progress kiosk. View our video about progressive games to learn more about those don’t forget the event ticket and pull tabs video once you have seen all three then you’re ready to play bingo.