How to Play Roulette – Six Line Bets & Corner Bets

Right, we’ve covered the Outside Chances, ways of backing 18 numbers in one chip, we’ve covered the 12 numbers on the Dozens and the Columns, you can’t do 11,10, 9, 8 or 7, what you can do though is you can bet six different numbers with one chip. What’s it called? It’s called a Six Line.

How do you place it? On the little T junction here, if you place it here you’re covering all the numbers there, numbers 4-9 inclusively. If you move it down a little bit here, you’re covering numbers 7-12 inclusively. That covers six numbers, you’ve got 6 of the 37 numbers on the Roulette Wheel now. So the risks increasing isn’t it as we go along? Good news is, so does the return as well.

So if in this example, the winning number, we’ll drop the Dolly on it there, that is the number 11, you will get paid at 5/1 odds for any of your chips on a winning Six Line. 5, 10, out they go. We’re getting a little bit more return as we go along now aren’t we? Six different numbers for you, pays 5/1 odds. They’re called a Six Line.

Right, we’ve covered the Outside Chances, we’ve covered the Dozens, we’ve covered the Six Lines, you can’t cover five numbers with one chip, you can though, very very easy and very popular bet this one, something called a Corner, that’s what they’re known as. The corner is when you bet with four different numbers with one chip, there it is, it’s touching the four different numbers. You can, maybe if you like number 8, you can put it all the way around there. If number 8 comes, you’ve got four winning chips, if number 5 comes you’ve got two. They’re called a Corner, they’re ways of betting on the four numbers you’re touching with one chip. 37 numbers on the wheel, four of them are yours this time around.

We’re getting fairly risky now aren’t we in our betting, so we’re getting a nice return instead of winning one, two or five chips this time, eight winning chips for you when you have a winner. These are called Corners, they pay 8/1, very very nice, popular way of playing. Now there is a lovely bet that not a lot people know, it’s called the 0 Corner or the First Four, you can accompany the 0 in it, you pop it on that little spot there, where 0 and 1 meet on the outside, that gives you the first four numbers. 0, 1, 2 and 3, a nice way to play including the 0, 8/1 odds. That’s a Corner Bet for you.