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Roulette Winning Rules

Well, you you understand that roulette. It’S an algorithm now fault, that is an algorithm roulette, is playing in one straight way. So roulette have a move. He have a mood he’s playing in one particular way. If you study that particular way, you understand roulette, but let it’s changing himself.

So you need to change yourself when the time is right to change yourself. So you need to understand what means phases. Everything about that we will discuss inside members area but for me, is very simple for you. Maybe it’s hard because you don’t understand what I mean, but, as you can see in this, as you can see in this video, as you can see in this video, I I will help in you and I will showing you how to beat roulette accordingly with video Tutorials alright, so, as you can see here, this is a video alright, so here I’m showing you the roulette numbers, the calculations and the casino.

Now in the moment, I explaining you all four phases or eight phases. You are easily understand how to bet, because you see me exactly how I bet, as you can see here now, if you see how I bet in video tutorials, which are giving you in 5000, euro DVD are not on your lap, it’s much simpler than any other Program now I’ve started, as I told him you PDF books. Now in PDF books. You don’t understand nothing. There is only text and few photos.

You cannot understand my photos, something so as I’m teaching you here in my DVD, you see that I play in videos. So you see videos now. This is what I am sending you my student.

I stay. I send you these video tutorials, all the calculation prepared, so you don’t have to do no calculation, you only click and play exactly as I teaching you it’s very simple. My friend he’s so simple because I made for me simple and if I made it with my help, you will animate it too. Now there are many who have started to express their knowledge about roulette. There are tons of people who are in search for the secret of roulette, but you need to understand that my programs are the number one worldwide when we talk about roulette.

First of all, I am number one because I’m showing my face, I giving you something which nobody gives you. If you watch somebody else in the past, you have seen that they giving you some links in which they telling you. You see my strategy work on this particular casino. That kind of people are affiliated they’ll take Commission’s from your losses.

This is not professional roulette gamblers. This is people who wants you to lose money so, like that they take Commission’s from casinos. I never giving you a link with some casino you can go and play on any casino. You like you, can search for good casino with Google, but I will never giving you a link in which I telling you register yourself from this particular link and players roulette.

I’M not doing this type of of business, I’m with you, my friend. I am NOT against you so forth of that you need to understand. This is why I am the number one more worldwide, because I don’t maude casinos. You can play on any casino you like, and you will never see me giving you a link in which I telling you register from this link on this casino. You can play on any casino you like now. Let’S talk about the mini pack of 550 euros, the roulette algorithm now this program is for you to test to see that my programs work now with these 550 euro, let algorithm you can make 50 euro per day for maximum 3 one month three weeks, one month Now this program is only to showing you that I am NOT talking about the old strategies or stupid strategies that everybody talks worldwide.

I’M giving you not roulette sniper, I’m not giving you Roulette assault, I’m not giving you cans and strategy, I’m not giving you la bouche our strategy, Dalembert strategy, fibonacci strategy and giving you real professional strategies. So in this program you will see, with 550 euro unites in your account. You can make for maximum one month 50 euros per day. So it’s very good if you don’t have much more money to invest in the DVD 5,000 euro now. The second program is 2500 euros and is the roulette DNA, 8 formulas or eight phases. Now in the roulette DNA you will see totally different strategy.

You will not know the secret of roulette, but you will learn in such a way in which you can play for maximum three months. You start with low and you increase now you can start with 150 euros and look make 1000 euro in the first month. After the second month from 1000 euro key 3000 euro and from the third month, which is much it’s much difficult, if you don’t have the DVD, but you can make from 3,000 to 9,000 euro now. What I’m telling to my students is that, after 2 months, once you make 3,500 euros, I’m not giving you the possibility to play much more because if you play in VIP, you might have some problems, and this is what we need to discuss in the DVD 5,000 Euro, but even if you flip for 2 months, you recover the investment and you make 1000 euro. So even like that, it’s enough!

It’S ok! Now your focus must be on the DVD anatomy of red, which is 5000 euros now inside the DVD 5,000 euro Anatomy off. Let you have all the strategies, the professional roulette strategies – you have everything from the first secret, so the secret of any roulette, because there is a mistake which roulette makes so you need to study that and to know that team. The perfect formula now perfect formula is something which you will wan na see real session played with my students, so I’m only watch them and they are playing and they are winning money from roulette. It’S something else when you see me that I playing at Roulette, but it’s something most powerful.

If you see students like you how they are playing and they are making money now in this DVD 5000 euro anatomy of let you will get even the VIP program now in the VIP, you will understand the flower game now. Flower game is the most powerful game on earth. Above roulette with flower game, you can make even four thousand unites, which means four thousand euro four thousand pounds, four thousand dollars in one session now, for those of you doesn’t know what means a sessions, it means again when you are playing for 25-30 minutes. This is one session now in one session to make four thousand euro four thousand unites is something unbelievable, but this is not possible in the next week.