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Top 5 Tips & Tricks of Unturned

Now we all know that left clicking while holding medkits or bandages or vaccines or any sort of medicinal item heals yourself to some degree. But not very many people know that right clicking on another player heals them instead. Perfect for those frantic moments as your bandage-less buddy is about to bleed out. The military barrel is a commonly unknown attachment in the game and it is a very good one.

It increases accuracy, reducing both the average bullet stray in long range engagements and hip fire accuracy. This attachment used in conjunction with a laser sight and higher marksman skill essentially eliminates the need to aim down sights. So, you just came across a bandit while holding some canned beans and you need to swap to your close range shotgun. Never fear! Instead of right clicking the weapon and clicking equip, hold control and right click to instantly equip it and lay the first shot in.

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Additionally, control left clicking an item quickly drops it, and control right clicking an item while in a storage unit quickly transfers the item in and out of it. So, you’ve made a base and it’s time to make use of it. After placing and claiming a bedroll, crates for your gear should be your next priority. Your instinct likely says to chop down the closest tree and get it over with, but more consideration is needed. In fact, crates made out of maple actually have more slots than birch ones! 4 more, actually.

Birch has a total of 24, and maple with 28. If you’re playing on a custom map with pine trees or the Yukon map, definitely go for them; they have a total of 32! Many of us probably know that putting weapons in the two slots below your character allows you to quickly swap to them by pressing 1 or 2.

But not as many know that you can set other items to 3, or 4, or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9. As long as the item is not a weapon and in the hands section of your inventory, right clicking and pressing a number 3 through 0 will pair it to that number. Now whenever you press that number, you will instantly equip the item. Perfect for medkits or food when you need it most. And there you have it! Keeping it nice and simple, those are the top 5 most unknown tricks of Unturned that newbies most likely do not know.

If you guys know of any tricks or tips in Unturned that you think other people don’t know, be sure to comment those down below and help out some of the newbie players! Anyway, that is all I have for now, thank you guys so much for watching, make sure to rate, comment, subscribe and do all that jibberish because MeLikeBigBoom, is out.