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Good evening, my friends harmony grant the founder and CEO of hula Tao to ENCOM. As you know, in my experience with roulette, I’m recognized world wide as a master of any casino roulette. Now this is not something which I was wanted to be. This is something which I became fault of gambling adieu, let my passion was to understand this red, and for many years I played like an amateur like you are playing right now. So if you have been in the situation where you have lost money at Roulette, this tutorial, it is for you now. Many of you doesn’t believe that it’s possible to be direct, and it’s obvious to things like that.

Many believe that if somebody has found a secret, why should it giving the way for on an amount of money? Now to all these questions, I will respond you in this tutorial for you to understand why I’m giving away my secrets now. First of all, when you are gambling at let you know that you are gambling with an casino.

I am NOT an owner of casinos, so thought of that, if you were gon na, have the secret and play on any online casino. You, like you, don’t take from me money, you take from casinos. So this is why I giving you my secrets.

The fact is that my secrets is not something which must be kept secret, because you can have this be secret, all right, it’s possible for you, because all over the world there are hundreds of casinos. There are many casinos in which I am Bennett, but this is not the reason why I give you the secret, because I will not be able to be Bennett on all the casinos in which you can play around the world. My reason is making you a believer.

Now hundreds of people play or thousands of gamblers playing every day of the roulette and they don’t know what they are doing. They don’t know that you can meet from let so. This is something which my waking you up, because casinos doesn’t cheat people now.

You believe that casinos cheat people and it’s impossible to beat roulette he’s, not working like that. My friend roulette is not cheating. Nobody roulette is playing after plan algorithm. If you understand the algorithm, you can beat any roulette, you are playing now. You need to understand that there is orangy roulette immersive, let live roulette with repair, so there are basically four five types of roulette now to beat any roulette.

You need to have my DVD 5000 euro, but if you like to start with a low budget and low money amount of money, you can buy one of my mini packs and about mini packs and the DVD. We will discuss later because right now, I would like to focus myself on something which is much important. Now you need to understand that I am gambling for 16 years now at Roulette. I have more than five years of training.

Every day I was going to the roulette in casino, real casino and I was losing to 300 euros per day for five years. Everything I have done. I was recorded because, like that I was seeing where I make mistakes, where I must do stop, where I’m asked to cash out sewing all these five years. I’Ve learned how? How can I be the better gambler when I talking about red now? You need to understand that there is some difference between a roulette and slot machines or different games.

When we are talking about red. We are talking about an algorithm, so when you are playing the slot machines, the slot machines accumulates an amount of money and from that amount of money he gives away and percentage in change like a bonus or like a jackpot or like winning. But roulette is not like that now. If you go around the internet and you search for gamblers, who are talking about roulette, they don’t know what they are talking about.

They say it’s impossible to be true. Let roulette cannot be beaten because casino cheat people now. If some casinos will cheat people, this is not legal, so they has been Bennett a they cheat people now, as in football as in any game, you need to play a fair game now, of course, because you didn’t study like me for 16 years roulette, you don’t Know what I’m talking about you don’t know laws which can helping you to cash out money from any cuz. You know you are gambling, but in my DVD 5,000 euro I will explain you everything and how you can cash cash out money from casinos, casinos who may making you don’t to not cash out the money. There are two types of casinos, and this is something which you need to understand: that there are casinos who paying you money and there are casino who doesn’t like to pay the winnings the winners.

But we have all the details on how to avoid these casinos, who doesn’t pay the gamblers and how to play and focus ourselves on accredited casinos. Casinos who pay the winners? Now fault of that.

You must to understand that you don’t become a professional roulette gambler in one day you become in months in years now for for 11 years I play roulette professionally and I’ve made more than 750 thousand euro till now in eleven years now for you that, maybe is not So much money – maybe you think that is not so much but for me, was enough to make three hundred thousand euros which I was invested in luxury apartments. My main business is selling renting and buying luxury apartments. This is what I do in most of my time, but you can understand that even if you win 300 euros, 300 thousand euros or even if you win 50,000 euros, if you buy a DVD of 5000 euro, just is a good business. Everybody online search for a way to make money, but you need to understand that this is not meant meant that if you pay a program of thirty dollars, you will become rich because you have spent only thirty dollars.

Nothing which is cheap, cannot giving you good value. My programs cost five thousand euro the full package, the full DVD is five thousand euro, but you make minimum three thousand euro per month. So, even if you make one thousand euro per month in five months, you recover the money and all your life.

You have time to make money from casinos. Now I never heard one student of mine to win only one thousand euro per month. I never heard that because everybody who studied my DVD after a few months, they are playing in VIP where you can make three thousand four thousand unites pounds euros in one session.

Now, as I told you, you don’t have to start being a VIP gambler from beginning because being a VIP gambler at the beginning, you must have much more money. Well, you can start with low budget with 150 euros and you can make 1000 euro per month with 150 euros wet your budget balance, you can start and make 1000 euro per month. This is what I have done for 3 years.

I was playing casual. I didn’t play it VIP, but after 3 years I’ve increased my amount and I was playing on bigger amount of money. Now, if I was able to do that – and I was able to trust me to my students, the same thing – it will be easy for you to because we are not special. We are the same like you, I am NOT special than you, and just only a guy who have a secret of beating roulette, and I share my secret in exchange of an amount of money, go and search on all the internet, a person who’s showing himself who Giving you the real address when you buy something and if you find that person then buy something for them, because it’s trustable it’s honest, but you will see that nobody showing himself now, if you have watch it and following me on YouTube. You know that I’m showing my face.

I show my place where I live. When you buy something from me, I giving you my real address, so you know that I’m not here against you in the fact I’m here helping you, because, as I repeated previously, you don’t take money from me, you take money from casinos. So all idiots who telling you well, if as the secret, why should be giving away the secret he keeps from himself?

Now all that idiots who you hear there are poor guys there are stupid people. This is why around the world, only 25 % of the people are rich, because idiots are not able to make money. They are not understanding how to make money in effect idiots. They don’t know when something is valuable and you need to invest now.

In my cases, I must to saying you that I’ve invested since I was having 12 years. I was invested in all the business Possible’s till I found to be true. Let so this is why I’m telling you that, if you don’t search for something powerful, you will never find something powerful all right, but when you have searched and found something powerful, you must invest in that thing, nobody will giving you that $ 30 $ 50, something Valuable all right, so please watch carefully who you are going around, because this is the most important thing you need to understand what kind of people you are traveling with, because if you are with stupid people, you will became a stupid person too. If you, if you have learned something from business books, if you have learned something about business entrepreneurs, you know that any entrepreneur have decided to do something against the society.

Now, if you have watched one book, which is that Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, you learned that that at some point he says, follow a winner, because all the losers will stay focused on believing in yourself. If you are doing like you are doing in the past, so everybody wants you to be the same guy. They know you for tens of years, so nobody wants you to change something in yourself now people who are believed that they are mad. These people are the people who have changed the world when Facebook was created. Nobody has given the possibility that it’s possible to make worldwide and social website to worldwide. Nobody have believing that only one person he has told him don’t invest in university because if you know the story of Facebook, Facebook was done only for the universities, so he was on social network only from four universities, but some guy.

He came to mark zuckerberg and told him you should do this social network worldwide, not only for the universities now another example which i would like to explain you about this kind of people who are believed to be mad, is that if you know about nokia nokia, Since then years ago was the biggest company of phones. Now, when Steve Jobs has invented the first iPhone. Nokia didn’t believe that the touchscreen phones will work, so they have not believed in one article.

One CEO of Nokia company says it’s madness to make a touchscreen phone because nobody would like to use without buttons, because everybody is a bit wait to use buttons on phones and look where it is right. Now, Nokia, we didn’t hear about Nokia from from years now, and they have thinking that Steve Jobs is a mad person, a mad man. Now don’t believe what everybody says, because if everybody believes that something is bad there, there is few people who knows.

That is something new would always, and I say always only a group of people were gon na make money and all the rest of the people will lose money. This is why, from thousands and thousands of years, the earth is the same as it was 3000 4000 years ago, 90 % of the people, poor people and 10 % rich people. You can’t change that because if you go in a group of people saying that I have a secret, you can make money, you can everybody will complete them and they will say now: it’s not possible. Oh, you know it’s too late or it’s earlier. It’S not good.

If he’s was good, everybody was doing the same thing. This is why 90 % of the people are poor because they don’t believe in knowledge. They don’t study. So if you don’t study something you are not capable to make money fault of my 16 years of gambling, I became millionaire renting, buying selling luxury apartment they made me millionaire, but all which I have done is to study. Roulette roulette makes me a pragmatic person.

In my real life in my real sessions on roulette, I am pragmatic, and this is why I make money from red. In the past, I’ve done many trainings, in which I explain you how many books I studied about unit. Of course, at the beginning there was not training video tutorials. As you see right now, it was not video tutorials.

It was few books in PDF which you was founded from America, a most apart from Las Vegas. When I started to study roulette, I was watching only PDF books. You didn’t understand nothing from PDF books. There were many professional gamblers who was expressing their ideas about how to beat read, but in PDF books. Now, when you study my DVD, you see video tutorials. So when you compare PDF books with video tutorials, it’s totally changing because in vide in PDF books you don’t understand, but in video tutorials you see exactly in real-time.

How I play you see exactly how I play on real money in real casinos. So you only watch the video and you keep noting it everything you understand. You keep noting recording what you are doing to understand, everything which I give me so my friends. If I was able to create this work, which I was creating an effect, this DVD I was creating for me, I was creating for me every time when I was gambling to be helped about this DVD. So my all my papers right now, I transmitting you in a DVD video tutorials, so take action, my friend, because it’s the only way in which you were gon na make money.

Nobody will come to you to giving you money for free. Nobody will open your mind for free. If you were gon na stay in the 90 percent, poor people, you will remain the same purple for hundreds of years. If you live 80 years for 80, you remain poor on the world watch rich people and you will gon na see. Rich people doesn’t like poor poor people. They don’t to stay with poor people.

But if you, if you, if you hear the rich people, psychology understand why? Because rich people believes in themselves, poor people believes in politicians. So it’s totally different of psychology of poor people and the rich people.

Now the rich people believes that they are capable to change. The world instead poor people they are, they believe that the world is ending. So every time you hear somebody the world is ending is a poor person. He doesn’t know nothing about this universe. This is why is this conflict between poor and rich people?

Now rich people doesn’t understand poor people. Now poor people doesn’t understand rich people, because if you go around the poor people, everybody says I don’t have money because rich people told me all the money which is not like that. My friends, you need to educate yourself. You need to study yourself about you and about the universe, about the earth about the laws. If you don’t know how to apply the laws, you cannot win in anything you are doing so.

If you really want to be successful, you need to become successful. So if you don’t know the word successful, how you will gon na become successful someday, this is questions you need to put in your self and asking. Why do you not have money now? Do I’m doing this because I have two three hours time per day to invest in yourself.

I love to have my students to help as many as possible, but the most important thing is that you must invest in yourself. You must from the best, if you don’t learn from rich people, you will not become a rich people, a rich person, so focus yourself to understand that my education made me millionaire now, if you don’t have any more 16 years time to study, then buy my DVD 5000, euro and study for a few weeks and become like me, a rule, a professional gambler period. You need to stop and study my work.

Don’T focus yourself on the masses if everybody say that something is not good. Believe me that there are 10 percent of the people who knows that there is something good in there. There was no, where in time when everybody has winning in one combination, it’s not like that loop bitcoin everybody has invested in Bitcoin and now bitcoin is 60 % lower. Then, a few months ago, when everybody knows about something, nobody makes money only few people.

Now, if you want to make money with my secrets, you need to understand that I don’t have hundreds of students. I have couple of students, so my secret are well kept only in my group of person of persons. So if you buy my DVD 5000 euro, you are in a VIP, restrict group of winners, so you have time to make money, because this is not available to all the public.

My DVD is not available for all the public. There is something else which I need to tell you either see with many offers from casino owners to not sell anymore. My secrets, alright in such a way that I need to work with them. I am not working with them and I want to believe that I will try to help in the future as many as possible, but if some day one casino comes and tells me Adrian, by giving you 1 million euros, stop selling and telling your secret to people. I will not giving you any more.

Nothing now remember that these day can be after one week after one month after one year. If I receive this offer, I will never give my secrets any more to the students so forth of that take action right now, because maybe tomorrow is too late. Think about you, don’t take money from me. You win from casinos. If I have made fifty thousand euro from one casino – and I cannot play any more because I am been it, what reason I don’t have to giving you the secret, because I giving you a secret and you play on the same casino – you don’t take money from Me think about my friend: don’t be stupid.

Now stupid people cannot understand my language, but if you are really little bit smart, you can understand what I’m telling you right now be smart. My friend don’t look what all the masses think, because all the masses, ninety percent of the people, are poor if they cannot helping you if they cannot helping you, because they are poor, only somebody who knows and his rich can helping you. If you want to be rich, all your rich person can help you. If you don’t believe me, go and buy reach that poor, that by Robert Kiyosaki, this book go and study that book, and you will gon na see that reach that and poor. That is totally different. You cannot learn something from a poor about richness.

Only a rich person can helping you to become rich now in many tutorials are explaining you step by step many ways in which I bid roulette now, of course, that, of course, that you don’t you don’t connect yourself exactly how how I am connected to the roulette. So forth of depth, there are so many things you need to learn about. Let because, let’s say straight: if you didn’t study these these roulette for sixteen years as I have studied, you don’t know how to start how to end what to do.

But you see my friend roulette is very simple once you understand that now, in my cases, maybe can shocking you but believe me, my friend, it’s the most easiest game on the planet. Nobody can tell you something about that about this game. Everybody who I see around, who talking about left they are scared about. Let I am not scared of all roulette. Roulette is my friend because my big, my bigger enemy becomes my bigger friend.

So roulette was my bigger enemy, but now he’s my bigger friend. So nothing can make me change my mind when my talking about red, you need to be and think the same, which I think all right so thought of that you must still have my DVD 5000 euro. You must study to understand what I’m teaching you now around. The internet on YouTube. I share many strategies.

I share many strategies and I show you many things for free, but you must understand that these strategies have four or eight phases. When I shown you a strategy on the internet, I’m showing you only one phase. If you play over and over again with one phase, you cannot beat roulette in long run, so fault of that you must will have the DVD 5000 euro or one of my programs to understand and having all the rest of the phases, but one mean phases.


You can beat roulette now. If you go along to study, roulette and thinking that you were gon na find the secret, it was taking you minimum five years. It’S not so easy. Now remember in five years, which i sat in roulette, I was having even time and even money now for five years, all the money which I’ve made, selling luxury, perfumes, original perfumes and original clothes. I was investing in now, if you have only three hours.

Four hours per day to study roulette, it was taking you 10 years to have the secret believe me, because I know what I’m talking about. So what I’m talking about is that you don’t have to invest five years ten years to understand the secret of lead. You need only to buy my DVD 5000 euro and that’s it with my help. You will gon na be roulette forever, even if you play and win for one year two years, if you make 30 40 50 thousand euro with a program which you’ve spent 5000 euro, it’s ok but remember my secret will work for life on any cause.

You know you like, and I never giving you a link in which I telling you register from this link. You can play you can register on any casino. You like best regards my friend and we will discuss inside members area.